I made a thing…okay, several things.

One of my goals with selling fabrics, at least for now while I’m such a new business, is that I want to make something out of every single fabric I get. Something small and easy, that requires no more than a fat quarter of the fabric. I want to do this so that I have a sample of my fabrics being turned into something beautiful! So, I recently got my first 4 bolts of fabric in and I decided to make a couple different items. For my first project, I thought it would be fun to stretch the fabric in those cute/cheap wooden embroidery hoops. It’s a fun way to display the fabrics, and I can hang them on my wall for keepsakes. I love how it turned out, and I’ll probably continue doing that, but with smaller hoops next time. How cute are these?? Keep scrolling down to see what else I made using these fabrics…

So, I decided that these fabrics would also make adorable wristlets! So I used the Essential Wristlet pattern by one of my favorite bag designers, Erin at Dog Under My Desk. Her patterns are super easy to follow, and are just so well done! I’m a huge fan of hers! I loveeee them! (P.S. If you’d like to buy some yardage of these fabrics, click here!)


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